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Pomeranian's are the #1 most favorite breed!

All Pomeranians vary! Animals in images may not be available for purchase. 

Loved every minute of the journey

I have been breeding dogs for 35 years-Pomeranians for 25 years. My system specializes in genetic color and breeding program for temperament, conformation, and therapy. I am not a puppy mill. All breeding stock is on premise and all are registered.

Types of faces you can expect

​Bear Face

The bear face to the left shows you the name given. These bear face pups are not like fox faces because of the shorter snout but still, makes you want to cuddle with one of these breeds. 

Fox Face

Fox's faces are what comes to people's mind when they think of a Pomeranian. The picture to the left shows this wonderful fox faces justice. They are classic and lovable to any dog lover. 

My Pommies are part of the family!


Each litter will vary!

They are all extraordinarily intelligent, friendly, of excellent quality conformation, having extremely people and animal characteristics of loyalty and are not happy nor biting sorts as they are well transitioned and do not have health issues nor predispositions.

I have all toys and T-cups 3-4 lbs. With a few exceptions, they are all rare exotic colors well established in genetic coloration program continuing to evolve, which has been developed over the decades. Eye colors can vary between amber, blue, and green. I am a reputable, licensed, registered, and enjoy sharing them with individuals and families that are looking for this specific breed as we do not raise any other.

What sets us apart is our socializing factors, genetic coloration, therapy training and supplementation dietary program that specifically enhances and emphasizes longevity and health.

Coat Colors

  • I have blue, red, and chocolate merles. 
  • I have solids colors range from super light, white, creams, buffs, and champagnes.
  • I have Sables that are either champagne, red, orange, blue wolf, mink, chocolate, and black.
  • I have Parti's that are either black and white, tri-colored, quad-colored, piebaled, merle, champagne.
  • I have Merle's that are either red, blue, champagne, buff, lilac-lavender, chocolate, black.

I typically do not allow more than 4 litters in a lifetime for the mamas. I retired breeding stock dogs are young and therapy trained for people that do not want to start out with a pup and prefer an adult.