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Scuplt & Tone Cellulite Treatment

Areas affected with cellulite are suffering from a combination of imbalances: poor
circulation, trapped toxins, water retention and unhealthy connective tissue. This
double phase cellulite treatment works directly on the imbalances to revitalize,
slim, and smooth the skin. Phase one includes a deep-tissue detoxification using
mud to draw toxins and water retention from the skin. Thus replenishing
connective tissue and stimulating circulation. This treatment ends with an
application of contouring and smoothing moisturizer, for long-lasting results
should be done in a series.

Deluxe Cellulite Treatment

Enveloping thermal self-heating mud provides a unique body care experience.
The body is drenched with personalized oil blends, which simultaneously vitalize
your skin and harmonize your mood. Finally cooling gel is applied to continue the
treatment effect.
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