Men’s Treatment Package

This custom treatment package addresses the specific needs of men and their skin, while providing
the ultimate in stress reduction. It includes: vital scalp revival, thermal sports massage, and a men’s

Deep Tissue or Sports Massage

This is an intense and invigorating massage; ideal for the person seeking more detailed focus to
relive stress in specific muscle and joint group. Designed with the athlete in mind, it brings the body
to a peak performance.

Marine Scalp Massage

Specific organic seaweeds are used for their mineral content, amino acids, and complex sugars
which nourish the hair follicle and increase circulation. This complex of nutrients improves hair
growth and condition and is also helpful for an oily or flaky scalp. The seaweed masque and scalp
massage relives tension and leaves the hair lustrous, soft and shiny.

Men’s Facial - 60 Minutes

This tailor-made treatment utilizes specific ingredients which address the specific needs, since men’
s skin is physiologically different than women’s. It is thicker and often in need of vitalization; the skin
is 30% oilier and can be prone to break out and daily shaving leaves the skin sensitive and
dehydrated. To address these problems: the face is detoxified, oxygenated, smoothed and
moisturized throughout this facial. An energizing facial mask applied during a scalp massage is a
must to leave the client feeling revived and relaxed.

Men’s Exfoliating Massage

A relaxing sea cream infused with a muscle-calming, stress-reducing blend of essential oils is
massaged into the skin. This two-in-one treatment features scrubbing particles to remove dry skin,
while a moisturizing massage makes muscle tension disappear, after rinsing in a soothing shower,
the skin feels renewed and the body is relaxed.
Men's Treatments
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