Thermal Sports Massage

Aches and pains virtually melt away with this soothing stress pack and massage treatment. Warm,
mineral-rich mud originally designed for the use by physical therapists is applied in compress form
to any area of the body suffering from pain or fatigue which may be due to increased physical
activity or any chronic condition such as tendonitis, arthritis, or joint pain. The detoxifying mudpack
prepares the tissue for deep tissue massage with optimal comfort.

Reflexology Massage

The soles of the feet, or reflex zones, are maps of nerve endings representing the entire body. Any
internal imbalance can show up as a sore, congested spot on the corresponding point of the foot.
Specific massage techniques, called Reflexology can help to balance the entire body via the feet.

Pregnancy Massage - 60 Minutes

Massage is the ideal way to keep your ever-changing body in balance. Since it is inadvisable to lie
on your stomach past the third month of pregnancy, many expecting mothers miss out. With the use
of our pregnancy pillow, our talented massage therapists can easily access you back for a through,
customized massage, so you can finally achieve relaxation. For your safety we require a written
release from you physician for massage or spa services if you have had difficulties with your
pregnancy or are in your third trimester.

Body in Balance

This treatment was designed specifically for mothers-to-be who experience problems with back pain
and swelling in the legs. A moisturizing exfoliation is performed on the entire body - especially those
hard-to reach places, and then a warm, bubbling, self-heating mud masque is applied to the entire
back to erase every trace of muscle tension; while a cooling, vein-constricting gel is working to
improve circulation in the legs. The finishing step is a lymphatic massage on the legs to leave them
feeling moisturized and light.
Massage Treatments
Hot / Cold Stone
Chair-upper body
Hot Oil
Feet / Hands
Calming Hydrotherapy
Deep Tissue  
East Indian  
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