Photo Therapy

This light therapy rejuvenates skin cells and reduces the appearance of wrinkles, age spots, and
sun damaged skin, scars, broken capillaries, acne, rosacea, tattoos, nevi, most other pigmented
lesions, and certain types of vascular lesions, as well as any other age related flaws.

Whitening Facial – 60 Minutes

Various clays or seaweed and plant extracts, are used to brighten and even out the complexion by
regulating production of skin pigment. An intense- yet gentle- effect is seen on hyper-pigmentation
caused by age spots, freckles, and pregnancy mask. The skin’s natural glow is illuminated from
these brightening moisturizing, and anti-aging ingredients.

Soothing Facial - 90 Minutes

Ideal for flushed, blotchy complexions, this award-winning treatment regenerates, oxygenates, and
counteracts the causes of redness. A fresh, creamy masque layered with active enzymes leaves
your skin calm and even due to the restoration of circulation. Ideal for delicate skin.

Nature Facials

Deluxe facials offer an all-encompassing treatment experience by tending to every detail throughout
the entire process. A guided consultation with your skin care expert begins each facial to ensure a
perfect treatment choice to optimize results. A back massage followed with an application of warm,
bubbling remineralizing mud masque on the spine will erase all traces of tension. After the skin is
prepared with customized cleansers and ex foliates; stress diffusing scalp, face, shoulder, hand,
and foot massages deepen your state of relaxation. The skin is then misted with a warm seawater
spray to energize the cells and maximize absorption of the personalized specialty mask and
moisturizer. Signature facials offer a collection of classic facial treatments, which address sought-
after skin care needs and overall well being for a glowing complexion. Massage of the face, neck,
shoulders, and hands make these therapeutic treatments relaxing as well.

European Facial

A combination of proven therapeutic techniques merge with mineral-rich marine products selected
especially for your skin type to create a classic European facial. Detoxification, ex foliating, and
deep-pore cleansing create a perfect palette for a facial massage and customized cream mask
suited for dry, impure or sensitive skin.

Moisturizing Facial

Hydration is the key to beautiful skin. Like a storm in the desert, this skin drenching treatment
quenches and re-hydrates the most parched skin types using a seaweed extract, to restore water
levels in the skin. Once the skin has been bathed in these amino acids and complex sugars, the
complexion is dewy, smooth, and luminous.

Fountain of Youth Facial

The ultimate source for anti-aging was discovered off the Brittany coast of France-revitalizing water
from an exclusive mineral spring. Through the use of marine spring water and a triple-process, the
skin is nurtured back to youth.

Aromatherapy Facial

Includes all aspects of a European facial, but uses products rich in nutritive flower extracts, vitamins,
essential oils, and anti-oxidants. Once cleansed and gently ex foliated, the skin is massaged with an
essential oil blend selected especially for you. The final therapy is the choice of mask depending on
the need for moisture, purification, or anti-aging.

Tender Care Facial – Approximately 60 Minutes

Designed to reverse symptom of even the most sensitive skin, this treatment not only calms and
soothes, but also helps to improve the skin’s ability to protect itself, nurturing marine extracts are
used to balance the source of redness and irritation for an even and comforted complexion. Ideal for
those prone to allergic reactions.

Oxygenating Facial – Approximately 60 Minutes

A self-heating mud masque, rich in complex nutrients, is ideal for re balancing oily, blemished, or
dull skin types as the masque warms and bubbles, sluggish skin absorbs oil, external elements, and
environmental pollutants. Vitamins and amino acids are implemented to stimulate the release of
trapped toxins, resulting in refreshed and oxygenated tissue. This masque helps to minimize pore
size and energize the skin.

Chocolate Layer Facial - Approximately 60 Minutes

A deliciously, relaxing, anti-aging treatment that will leave your skin feeling soft, hydrated, and
youthful. It will reverse sun damage, eliminate fine lines and wrinkles, erase lip lines, as well as firm,
lift and tone skin. It is a heated thermal chocolate mask that increases penetration of active anti-
aging ingredients.

Balancing Facial - 60 Minutes

Hormonal fluctuations during pregnancy cause general imbalance in the skin, which can show up as
a variety of different symptoms. This facial allows your skin care expert to customize the perfect
facial for you, depending on the changes you are seeing, mud application on the back helps to
regulate aches and pains that manifest with rapid growth. This combination of pain relief and skin
balancing helps you look forward to the countdown.
Citrus Peels Fruit Acid
Hyaluronic Acid
Vitamin C
Collagen Amplification Hair Loss
Alpha Hydroxy Acid
Multirepannic Collagen Actuation
Peels (alpha hydroxy acid)
Facial Treatments
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