Anti-cellulite                          Herbal
Balancing                             Hydrating
Circulation                            Joints & Recuperation
Detoxifying                           Stress Management
Energy                                 Thalassotherapy* Firming & Toning
Weight Loss     

*-- Thalassotherapy is the medical of use seawater. The properties of seawater are
believed to have beneficial effects upon the pores of the skin.
Facials & Cosmetics
Citrus Peels Fruit Acid        Collagen Amplification Hair Loss
Eyebrow Tinting                  Hyaluronic Acid
Eyebrow Shaping                Microdermabrasion
Eyelash Application             Multirepannic Collagen Actuation
Eyelash Extension              Sideburns
Eyelash Perming                 Peels (alpha hydroxy acid)
Eyelash Tinting                  Teeth Whitening

Multirepannic Collagen Actuation (MCA)

A combination treatment of stimulating and/or altering the collagen
production/formation in the skin tissue. This treatment of intra-dermal cosmetics is an
effective treatment for wrinkles, hypopigmented (white) skin and hypertrophic (raised)
scars. MCA treatments often demonstrate a greater than 50% repigmentation within a
six week therapy. This includes scars from facelifts, thyroid and chest surgical
Premanent Cosmetics
Areola Reconstruction             Myotonology® facial-rejuvenation system
Blush Permanent                     Camouflage Removal
Corrective Camouflage           Scars
Eyebrows                                Stretch Marks/Repair
Eyeliner - Upper & Lower        Both Tattoo Lip Liner &
Full Lip Temporary Tattoos
Skin Care Treatments
Acupressure                         Macro Therapy
Exfoliation                            Photo Therapy
Aromatherapy                      Firming Prescriptive
Cellulite Therapy                 Lymphatic Re-hydration
Color Therapy                     Microdermabrasion
Reflexology                          Collagen
Micropigmentation               Salt Glows
Comedomgenic Removal     Moisturizing Sloughing
Corrective Camouflage        Paraffin Dips
Skin Analysis                       Deep Pore Cleansing and Toning
Body Wraps
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