Anti-cellulite                                Herbal
Balancing                                   Hydrating
Circulation                                  Joints & Recuperation
Detoxifying                                 Stress Management
Energy                                       Thalassotherapy* Firming & Toning
Weight Loss         

*-- Thalassotherapy is the medical of use seawater. The properties of
seawater are believed to have beneficial effects upon the pores of the skin.
Only the finest hypoallergenic, various European creams and waxing
procedures. The gently warmed wax is smoothed over the skin and
removed with strips of Egyptian cotton and French Cirepil wax.* the result
is long lasting, clean and smooth skin surface. We also have waxing
products and hair removal procedures individual determined for each client.

*Cirepil™ waxing products are known the world over as one of the finest
depilatory wax groups. These waxes are easy to use and allow efficient
and more economical waxing. Five different Cirepil waxes are offered,
allowing you to make a more specialized analysis of your clients’ hair and
skin, which guarantees a more satisfying service. These waxes heat at a
lower temperature, are less sticky, and contain anti-irritants such as
titanium dioxide and jojoba.
Body Wraps
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