Body scrubs and wraps are a perfect way to rid the skin of dead, dry cells for a smooth and glowing
complexion. Exfoliation is also vital for skin health since it optimizes the absorption of important
active ingredients in body masques and moisturizers. Customized Wraps Also Available.

Deluxe Body Wraps

Deluxe body wraps offer an all-encompassing treatment experience by tending to every detail
throughout the entire process. Each body treatment begins with a full body exfoliation to prepare the
skin for treatment, during the body wrap a scalp and foot massage deepens your state of relaxation.
The final step is a full body misting with warm seawater spray to energize the cells before an
extended application of moisturizers blended just for you.

Contouring Wrap

After the wrap, your body is generously moisturized with contouring cream to further combat excess
weight and cellulite. A series of treatments will optimize long-term results.

Mud Wrap

For tight muscles, joints and tendons, an intensely active marine mud will soothe sore tissue while
toxins are draw from deep within. A refreshing rinse in the Vichy™ shower offers another luxurious
touch as the body is left detoxified, re-mineralized, and fully oxygenated.

Sea Silk Re-Mineralizing Wrap

If feelings of fatigue, stress, and low energy are creating imbalance for your physical and emotional
well being thalassotherapy treatment is the perfect solution. A lavender, sandal wood and ylang
ylang infused seawater gel provides trace minerals to rebalance sluggish cells, in turn harmonizing
the entire body, the combination of marine therapy and aroma therapy will leave the skin feeling
silky and the body calmly reenergized.

Firming Wrap

This moisturizing body wrap contains restructuring seaweed extracts to improve the circulation,
while promoting the skins elasticity. As the skin accommodates the body’s new size, firming will help
to reduce the formation of stretch marks. The gel’s mineral content and cooling effect also helps to
curb hot flashes caused by hormonal fluctuations. This treatment is also recommended after
pregnancy to restore collage and elasticity for the re-firmed skin.

Extended Youth Body Wrap

This cool body wrap improves circulation while promoting skin regeneration for smooth, firm, and
youthful skin. A combination of seaweed extracts works to restructure skin affected by sun damage,
pregnancy, weight gain, and aging so your can have a beautiful complexion from head to toe. A
series of treatments will optimize long term results.

Exfoliation – Body Polishes – Salt Glows
Resuscitate the skin with a gentle body exfoliation using floral extracts to remove dry cell build up.
Afterward, a relaxing floral essence and creamy milk are smoothed onto replenish skin and nourish
at every level.

Chocloate Body Scrub

Indulge your senses with chocolate as your body is buffed leaving you skin smooth and hydrated. In
addition to being a sensory indulgence, chocolate contains over 300 different compounds, some of
which can have a significant impact on one’s health and beauty. Derived from the Amazon cocoa is
among the concentrated vegetable sources of energy. It provides minerals such as magnesium,
zinc, bromine, and a methylxanthine very similar to caffeine that has a stimulating effect of
lipogenesis (fat burning). Additionally, our chocolate butter creams are fortified with shea butter,
which fortifies your skin.

European Gommage

An enzymatic exfoliant which cleanses, tones, and refines your skin leaving it fresher, younger-
looking and more vibrant. Gommage, French for “erase”, whisks rough, depleted cells away to
reveal renewed, silky, radiant skin. A creamy nutrient-rich body lotion is applied by massaging long
flowing and kneading strokes. We use special oils to promote circulation. A great massage for a first
time experience.

Body Polish

Silky skin is just a treatment away with a sea glow body polish, a moisturizer based body exfoliant
will allow dehydrated cells to be massaged away to uncover your skin’s naturally beautiful texture
and tone. A dry oil mist will lock in moisture and leave the skin velvety smooth.

Body Bronzer

A golden glow looks beautiful; a moisturizing exfoliation will create the perfect palate for a
professional application of self-tanning spray. Continue bronzing at home to customize the depth by
working with the melanin in your skin, not using a dye.
Body Treatments
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