Aroma Vedic Soak

We add a personalized blend of flower-based and Ayurvedic oils to this seawater bath leaving the
body re-mineralized and the mood therapeutically balanced. The skin will rapidly absorb trace
elements and minerals necessary for vital cellular function, in turn eliminating stress and fatigue.
The body and mind are perfectly harmonized for optimal health.


The gentle yet penetrating scent of essential oils combined with soothing long, flowing and
kneading strokes can relax, soothe or stimulate your sense. The fragrance will linger in your
memory long after the massage is complete.

Aromatherapy Manicure – 60 Minutes

A gentle floral exfoliation of hands and arms is only the beginning of this luxurious manicure. Once
soaked in a bath of petals, the hands are groomed and smoothed. The hands are then drenched
with flower oil and dipped in warm paraffin to seal in nourishing moisture for an ultra hydrated satin
Aromatherapy Treatments
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