Back Honey                Facial
Half Leg                      Brows
Full Leg                       Underarms
Upper Leg                   Chest
Lower Leg                   Eye Brow / Lip / Chin Neck Face Sugaring
Full Body                    Trans-dermal electrolysis
Knuckles / Toes          Basic Brazilian        
Bikini-full / Partial        (price varies with individual request)
Only the finest hypoallergenic, various European creams and waxing procedures. The
gently warmed wax is smoothed over the skin and removed with strips of Egyptian cotton
and French Cirepil wax.* the result is long lasting, clean and smooth skin surface. We
also have waxing products and hair removal procedures individual determined for each

*Cirepil™ waxing products are known the world over as one of the finest depilatory wax
groups. These waxes are easy to use and allow efficient and more economical waxing.
Five different Cirepil waxes are offered, allowing you to make a more specialized analysis
of your clients’ hair and skin, which guarantees a more satisfying service. These waxes
heat at a lower temperature, are less sticky, and contain anti-irritants such as titanium
dioxide and jojoba.
Hair Treatments
Add-ons                            Braids
Fades                               Shaves
Shampoo & Blow Dry       Buzzes
Shampoo & Set                Striping
Bridal Fashions                Up Dos
Fashion Buzzes                Formal Dos
Progressive Wet Cut        Follicle Stimulation
Children’s Cuts                Galvanic Hair Follicle Stimulation
Styling Classics               Galvanic High-Frequency Thread Wraps
Cyber Imaging                 Contemporary Hair Thinning
Precision Cuts                 Traditional Corn Rowing
Razor Cut                        Extensions (requires consultation)
Dry Cut       
Hair Coloring
Bleach                            Weave
Presentations                 Jazzing
Virgin Bleach                  Sunglitz Frost
Burnishes                       Minking
Highlights                       Low Lights
Retouch                         Toning
Temporary Fun Colors     
Hair Perms
Acid Botanical               Air Perm
Natural Volumizing        Buffered Piggyback
Spiral                            Alkaline Color Created
Croquinole Style           Bleached & Highlights
Body Waves                 Exothermic Traditional
Hair Removal
For more details & pricing please give
us a call and make your appointment

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